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a Digital Designer and Web Developer specializing in Visual Development, UI/UX Design, Digital Illustration, and Front-end Engineering. Currently working at Thesis Agency in Portland, OR.

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Josh Reid

I've worked with

Taco Bell
Kaiser Permanente
Dollar Shave Club

What I do

I close the gap between expectations and the delivered experience with technological insight and creativity.

UI/UX & Design

Providing comprehensive wireframes and designs for Websites, Apps, Emails and any other digital journey.

& Direction

Defining the problem, scoping the task and organizing team collaboration to bring the most out of our projects.

& Support

Running the building process and being a liaison between Managerial, Creative and Dev departments.

Creative Works

Grey JaysMaxinesCaddisfly CreationsPortraitBlack Lives Matter - Portland OR 2020Beetle CardsApplepaloozaXiblingPennyQueerlandiaEvery bug you've killed is waiting for you in hell. Dune
Josh Reid

Toss the dice

An active proponent for equity and inclusion, I’ve dedicated time & effort towards DEI studies with the Center for Equity & Inclusion and have been a participant in the AllyShip Network, a member of TechTown PDX, and the leader of LGBTQ+ and DEI employee resource groups.

I’m a sci-fi-binging-fantasy-queen, Chaotic Nasty D&D player and long time Dungeon Master. Always looking to stretch my world-building muscles through story telling and illustrative practices.

Pacific Northwest born and raised and totally in love with it. I’ve had stints as a camp facilitator, a wildlife educator, and a kayak guide in the Salish sea in effort to dive deep into (almost) everything this area has to offer.