I'm a Designer specializing in Digital Marketing, UI/UX Design, Illustration, and Front-end Engineering. Currently in Portland, OR.

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Josh Reid

I've worked with

Taco Bell
Kaiser Permanente
Dollar Shave Club

What I do

I close the gap between expectations and the delivered experience with technological insight and creativity.

Design & Illustration

Providing comprehensive wireframes and rich designs for Websites, Apps, Emails and any other marketing journey.

& Direction

Defining the problem, scoping the task and organizing team collaboration to bring the most out of our projects.

& Support

Running the building process and being a liaison between Strategy, Creative and Dev departments.

Creative Works

Black Lives Matter - Portland OR 2020

Art Exhibitions

· Disbeliever Theater, Spaceness Festival, 2016
· Portraits from Beyond the Void, Spaceness Festival, 2017
· Borrowed Dice, Dorsa Brevia Art Gallery, March 2022

Josh Reid

Toss the dice

I'm one of those former Software Engineers who realized they enjoyed drawing much more than coding.
My friends gave me the nickname "Mother Hen" when I ended up being the only one capable of herding them together for a game of kickball or D&D. I truly believe that anyone who is able to maintain a D&D schedule should get a nickname—hopefully one cooler than mine.
I’ve had a lot of random jobs besides Software Engineer— I was a camp counselor for years, a wildlife educator for a spell, a high ropes facilitator for dads, an ocean kayak guide for whale lovers. Not gonna list my food services, but I do miss the free espresso and eating untouched scrap dishes.
Happily residing in Portland, OR with my husband, Sean, our beloved dog, Squid, and the family of beetles we are raising from grubs.