I'm Josh – a designer with a background in software engineering and a passion for illustration. My friends affectionately refer to me as "Mother Hen" due to my relentless efforts to organize game nights, whether it's a session of D&D or a game of kickball. I believe that anyone who can maintain a consistent D&D schedule deserves a cool nickname—hopefully cooler than mine.

Currently, I reside in the beautiful city of Portland, OR with my husband, Sean, and our beloved dog, Squid.


Design & Illustration

Specialize in delivering detailed wireframes and visually striking designs for websites, apps, emails, and various other digital journeys.

Strategy & Direction

Defining the problem, scoping the task and organizing team collaboration to bring the most out of our projects.

& Support

Running the building process and being a liaison between Strategy, Creative and Dev departments.


Filter Agency 2021-2023
Thesis Agency 2015-2021
Reply Inc. 2011-2014

I've worked with

Taco Bell
Kaiser Permanente
Dollar Shave Club